Polyamory Workshop with Fair Moans

Polyamory Workshop with Fair Moans

Rethinking the (Relationship) Status Quo: An Intro to Ethical Non-Monogamy (Presented in partnership with Fair Moans)

5006 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224 (MAP)

$10–30 suggested donation; no one will be turned away due to lack of ability to pay. Part of the Fair Moans Fall Workshop Series. Support their Indiegogo campaign!

You might have noticed non-monogamous relationships are gaining mainstream representation in the media. You can see versions of it in shows like Insecure, House of Cards, Shameless, and You, Me, Her; as options for dating apps like Feeld, Tinder, and OkCupid; it is even being written about in the New York Times. But what do “open relationships” look like in real life? Join us for an informative introductory panel discussion on ethical non-monogamy. What options do you have when forming new relationships? How do you address issues of jealousy, sexual health, and social stigma? Learn the basics of polyamory and other styles of ethical non-monogamy; learn about metamours, compersion, and other common terms in the polyamory lexicon; and explore communication tools can you utilize even in monogamous relationships.

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Click here to view the handout from the workshop.